Trust: First and foremost, Participatory Budgeting serves to bridge the gap between the City of Durham and its residents. Decades of under-participation in local processes and a history of underrepresentation of marginalized groups have led to mistrust between many Durham residents and city government. Participatory Budgeting acknowledges that a rift exists and tries to build trust with community so that residents feel heard. 

Power: PB empowers community members to take ownership of their communities by identifying what they see as the most pressing needs in their neighborhoods. By centering community participation through our engagement and giving volunteering opportunities to residents, we hope to shift the balance of power from government to the people. 

Education: While the projects funded through PB will not solve all societal problems, we believe that the process of PB increases civic engagement and education necessary for a healthy democracy. Residents that volunteer with PB obtain a better understanding of how city government functions and how to make their voices heard for issues beyond PB.


Watch this video from the Participatory Budgeting Project to learn more!