Budget Delegates and Facilitators are a key part of Participatory Budgeting. They take ideas submitted by the community and turn them into complete proposals to put on the final ballot. You can serve as a Budget Delegate if you are a City of Durham resident or student and are at least 13 years old and are a resident of this city.

  • Volunteer for 2-8 hours a week from February - June
  • Attend meetings and work with a team to research projects 
  • Learn about city departments and agencies and work with them to develop project proposals
  • Bring knowledge and resources to your community
  • Need-based stipends are available

Budget Delegate 

Budget Delegates are volunteers who work in the fall to research, evaluate, and prioritize the project ideas submitted by community members from August - November. Budget Delegates ultimately develop the final project proposals for the annual PB vote in December. They do this through research, and community assessments, as well as through consultations with City staff regarding project feasibility and cost. Budget Delegates evaluate submitted ideas on three main criteria: equity, impact, and feasibility. 

Time Commitment: 2-5 hours per week


  • Review and score grant applications.
  • Coordinate with City staff and applicants to solicit additional information, conduct interviews, and complete reference checks.
  • Rank and prioritize applications for the ballot
  • Stipend available

Budget Delegate Facilitator 

Time Commitment: 6-8 hours a week


  • Facilitate committee discussions
  • The first line of support for the delegates
  • Supports consensus building during meetings
  • Stipend available