Voting has ended! Results will be published on our webpage in the coming weeks.

PB Durham is back with a whole new look and feel! Last cycle, over 10,000 Durham residents participated in PB Durham by submitting ideas, serving as budget delegates, and voting on community projects for "one-time" projects. This Cycle, things will be a little different. In response to feedback from our Cycle 1 evaluation and based upon the current climate PB Durham Cycle 2 has a new scope.

This year,  PB Durham has formed a grant fund program that will support local efforts to strengthen the community's social and economic fabric by offering COVID-19 relief assistance to communities in Durham. Durham City Council approved $1 million for Durham connected nonprofit and community organizations who are directly serving those residents impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and addressing issues contributing to racial, economic, and social injustices in Durham. 

Each Durham-connected non-profit and/or community organization are eligible to receive up to $50,000 of grant funding to help respond to communities impacted by COVID-19 and any underlying issues  impacted underserved communities in Durham. The grants should be used to provide services or programming in communities that are most adversely impacted. 

Grant Fund Focus Areas: 

The following focus areas were identified by the residents of Durham as the most important priorities during the pandemic. These focus areas will be used to prioritize the allocation of the $1 million grant program.

  • Community Building + Economic Opportunities -“Increase community capacity through the investment of economic and social programming such as employment opportunities, food access and eviction prevention targeted at underserved groups” 
  • Health and Human Services- “Provide COVID-19 emergency assistance to the most vulnerable populations in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus and increase access to mental health services to individuals impacted during the pandemic ”
  • Children, Youth and Family Wellness- “Support the overall wellness of young and elderly people and their families”

Below is a schedule of activities for PB Durham Cycle 2.

  • November 2020-January 2021 - Gather Feedback & Priority Areas- a community survey will be conducted to determine the priority areas for funding.  
  • February 17, 2021- Grant Application Opens
  • March 31, 2021- Grant Application Closes
  • April 2021-Proposal Development-  the internal staff committee and budget delegates will review and score proposals based on feasibility, legality, and vet overall project budgets. 
  • May 5 - June 6 2021- Voting- City of Durham residents and students 13 years and older will have the opportunity to vote on project proposals. 
  • June 2021- Grant recipients are announced- grant recipients will be announced and begin to draft contracts and coordinate dissemination of funds to appropriate departments and project sponsors. Funds would be made available beginning July 1 2021.

To learn more about the grant fund, application process, and requirements for participation. You can view the eligibility requirements and application here. 

This webpage will be updated weekly with important information related to the program. For questions, please contact email PB Durham at [email protected] or call (984) 227-9095.