1. Idea Collection-November 1st-December
    1. Idea Collection- “PB Durham launched on November 1st 2018. During November 1st-December 21st PB Durham received over 500 ideas during our first ever idea collection period! PB Durham staff and volunteers attended over 50 community events, 10 festivals, and 30 community meetings; engaging over 2,000 Durham residents since November 1st. In addition, PB Durham held over 15 PB Pop-ups and over 10 PB Jam Sessions. Our most notable PB Jam Session include our Youth PB Jam Session on December 15th, where Durham teens submitted over 40 ideas to improve their community. In addition, our Spanish only idea collection at Maureen Joy Charter School on December 6thwas also a success! Durham residents submitted a wide array of ideas such as a Black Wall Street Monument, Cultural Art Gallery, solar-powered recreation centers, and a healing community garden. To view all the ideas visit Mapseed.”
    2. Proposal Development- ”Proposal development is the second phase of participatory budgeting! The proposal development phase extended from January to April 2019. Over 100 residents and students from the community volunteered to become budget delegates and develop viable proposals into full project proposals.. During the proposal development phase budget delegates assessed, evaluated, and developed proposals that were the most equitable, impactful, and feasible as outlined in the project evaluation matrix. To check the status of your idea visit Mapseed
    3. Voting- “Voting took place in May 2019. Every Durham resident or student age 13 or older can vote in the PB election! There were 3 primary ways to vote:
      • Vote online at pbdurham.org
      • Vote at a PB Pop-up, see events page to find out what community events near you PB will be at!
      • Vote at a PB voting site, visit the events page to find a voting site near you!
    4. Implementation & Evaluation- Each of the winning projects were announced in June 2019 and will be implemented within 3 years fiscal years. In addition, PB Durham will be working with our external third-party evaluator, the community, volunteers, and the PB Steering Committee to evaluate the first cycle of Participatory Budgeting.

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