Want some more information related to Participatory Budgeting and PB Durham?

Use the following links to access information about City wards, the City of Durham, and Frequently Asked Questions


PB Handbook This handbook contains information necessary to understand in and engage with Durham Participatory Budgeting. It was designed by the Steering Committee with input from City of Durham staff and City Council, with the assistance of the technical assistance provider, Our City Our Voice. Changes to the handbook can be made by a vote of the Steering Committee.
City Council Ward Map Find your ward to be able to attend meetings and vote on your ward's ideas!
City of Durham NIS Community Engagement Discover more ways to engage with the City of Durham
City of Durham Website Find out more about the City of Durham operations
PB Frequently Asked Questions Coming soon!
Cost Estimate Guidelines   
Internal Staff Vetting Guidelines  
Project Evaluation Matrix





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