Want more information related to Participatory Budgeting and PB Durham? 

Use the following links to access information about the City of Durham budget process and more. Many of these resources are continually updated with each PB Cycle, so feel free to reach out to our office with any questions.

PB is a process that is happening all across the world, from its beginnings in Porto Alegre, Brazil to its adoption in cities such as Chicago, Greensboro, NYC, Boston, Vallejo, and others. For more information on these processes, check out The Participatory Budgeting Project, an organization working with communities across the U.S. and Canada to promote PB. Additionally, People Powered has resources that shed light on PB and reveal its potential to govern a better, more equitable world. By sharing resources, we hope to build a greater understanding of PB and build best practices for cities across the world.

PB in the News: 

PB Handbook 2022-2023 This handbook contains the information necessary to understand and engage with Durham Participatory Budgeting. It was designed by the Steering Committee with input from City of Durham staff and City Council, with the assistance of the technical assistance provider, Our City Our Voice. Changes to the handbook can be made by a vote of the Steering Committee.
City of Durham Neighborhood Improvement Services (NIS) NIS works to preserve and improve quality of life conditions for Durham residents, and to encourage active participation in neighborhood redevelopment and public policy and decision making dialogue.
City of Durham NIS Community Engagement Discover more ways to engage with the City of Durham
City of Durham Website Find out more about the City of Durham operations
PB Durham Cycle 1 Evaluation The PB Durham Cycle 1 evaluation was conducted by the North Carolina Central University Master of Public Administration Department and provides key recommendations for the improvement of idea collection, proposal development, voting and future evaluation
City of Durham Budget & Management Services The department of city government responsible for setting the annual budget.
City Council Ward Map Find your ward to get in touch with your local representative.
City of Durham Equity & Inclusion Works with all aspects of City government to closely examine policies, practices, budget allocations, and programs that may perpetuate institutional racism and systemic inequities.