Project Management Department: General Services


  • E Trinity Avenue at Avondale Drive

Estimated Completion: 5/2027

Original Idea Submissions

Project #1 – Pedestrian Safety - "Connect sidewalks from E Trinity to Avondale. This is a dangerous area, and it’s the access route to the future Rail Trail for many BIPOC and working-class households in our neighborhood. Adding sidewalks on E Trinity would make this safer for the many people who use this street to get downtown—including families with little kids—and would make it accessible for our neighbors in wheelchairs and walkers who currently wheel across gravel and potholes to get to Avondale."

Project #2 – Traffic Calming - "Traffic calming on East Trinity. Why shouldn't East Trinity have the same traffic calming that West Trinity does? Cars speed terribly on this street. Please consider traffic circles, wide speed bumps, street art, and raised crosswalks. This should be paired with an enforcement program for speeding and stopping thru-truck traffic; this street is posted as "No Thru Trucks" yet there's frequent heavy truck traffic, including many City of Durham trucks"