Project Management Department: General Services


  • Holton Career Center: 401 N Driver Street
  • Edison Johnson: 500 W Murray Avenue
  • Morreene Rd Park: 1102 Morreene Road

Estimated Completion: 7/2025

Original resident idea submissions:

  1. Holton Career and Resource Center – Soccer lighting - "Lights for the athletic field at Holton- currently the soccer and football leagues either have no lights or temporary lights. Having lights available will make this a more equitable experience, especially because there are many Latinx kids in our community who participate in the soccer leagues who play here."
  2. Edison Johnson – Parking lot and common areas - "Better lighting in the common area and improve the parking lot. I have little kids and they go to DPR classes (karate, basketball, etc.) at 6pm. In winter, the lighting is poor or non-existent in important areas, such as from the exit from the Center to the parking lot. The littlest kids get out and run to their favorite sport and run the risk of getting hit by the cars that enter and exit at the same time (you can’t see between cars). Teens who have to wait to be picked up are also at risk."
  3. Morreene Road Park – Basketball courts - "Solar powered lighting for the basketball courts. This is a major community gathering place--especially for children and serves several nearby neighborhoods. The basketball courts are almost always in use. However, the lighting is inconsistently used. Last night, a person used their car lights to illuminate the court. Solar powered lights would increase use and safety."

Design concept: Edison Johnson parking lot

Design concept: Holton Career & Resource Center athletic fields