Since its launch in November 2018, PB Durham has engaged over 10,000 residents and students. Over 500 ideas were initially submitted during the idea-collection phase in fall 2018, with the second phase of proposal development taking place from January to April 2019. During the second phase, over 100 students and residents from the community reviewed, vetted, analyzed, and developed over 40 project proposals using data, community research, and support from technical experts. The voting phase throughout May sought input from residents and students age 13 or older, on which of the top 40 projects should move to the final implementation phase. The winning projects from PB Durham Cycle 1 are currently in the implementation phase and some are complete. 

Voting for PB Durham Cycle 1 took place from May 1 - May 31, 2019. The PB Steering Committee certified the election results on June 17, 2019, at the monthly committee meeting. Below are the results for the PB Durham Cycle 1 Election in addition to voting guidelines adopted by the Steering Committee. Project implementation will begin in Fall 2019. PB Durham has set a goal of implementing at least 50% of winning projects within the first fiscal year. 

For more information, view all submitted projects and winning projects.

Please note the order in which the projects appear in the chart is in ranking order. In addition, the results listed above incorporate the voting guidelines drafted and adopted by the Steering Committee.


  1. Citywide project proposals must win on every ballot to receive funding.
  2. If a winning project proposal utilizes more than the remaining ward fund balance the next highest ranking project that falls within the allocated amount will receive funding.
  3. The remaining fund balance not used for project implementation will be carried forward to the next cycle in the respective ward. For example, if the total is less than $800,000 the remaining money will be used for Cycle 2.