Participatory Budgeting (PB) Durham Cycle 1 has completed its third-party evaluation in partnership with North Carolina Central University's (NCCU) School of Public Administration. 

The purpose of the evaluation was to analyze the Participatory Budgeting Cycle 1 process and the impact on the community. The evaluation includes prospective and retrospective analyses of program administration, communication between PB participants, city staff, and the community, and other factors that contribute to first cycle outcomes such as diversity of participants and winning projects and the quality of winning projects.

The evaluation was conducted from the perspective of internal staff, the PB Steering Committee, and other program participants. The evaluation of Cycle 1 includes analysis of idea-collection, proposal development, voting, and overall program administration including but not limited to program budget, staffing, and other resources. Recommendations from the evaluation will be used to redesign the participatory budgeting initiative for Cycle 2 with the goal of increasing equity, transparency, and inclusion.

To read the full report click here.
Also, see below for an evaluation schedule for Cycle 1 of PB Durham:
Date(s) Action Description Community Engagement Opportunity
February 2020  NCCU will present a final evaluation report to City Council that includes potential recommendations for program redesign.  On February 28th NCCU will present at session 2 of the City Council Budget Retreat and provide preliminary feedback on the report PB participants are invited to the City Council Budget Retreat to hear a presentation on the findings from the third-party program evaluation

March 2020 

The PB Steering Committee will hold a Spring retreat to take action on evaluation recommendations and program redesign March 21, 2020, the PB Steering Committee will hold their Spring retreat.  PB Steering Committee members will participate in a retreat to address evaluation recommendations and community priorities.

April 2020

PB Durham Cycle 1 participants will work with stakeholders such as PB staff, the internal staff committee, and the PB Steering Committee to redesign the process for Cycle 2 PB Staff will hold community meetings to collaborate with PB stakeholders to assist with program redesign.

PB participants are invited to engage with PB Durham to redesign the process to advance program goals and intended outcomes.

Additional details regarding meetings dates and times will be available in Feb. 2020.

May 2020

PB Staff and the PB Steering Committee will bring items forward to City Council to formalize program changes prior to the start of Cycle 2 in Fall 2020. PB Staff and other relevant stakeholders will seek City Council approval to amend program guidelines prior to the start of Cycle 2.  Residents of Durham will be invited to attend City Council work sessions and formal meetings to hear presentations and engage in local government decision-making.


For additional questions related to the PB Durham Cycle 1 evaluation please see below for contact information.

NCCU staff:

Dr. Christopher Paul

[email protected]

Assistant Professor of Public Administration

North Carolina Central University